My one reason for donating plasma; to support our troops. -Randy Dupratt
My one reason for donating plasma; I was once a patient who received plasma therapies. -Jeannie Covelli

Our Plasma Donation Companies

Grifols is a global healthcare company that specializes in the production of medicines derived from human plasma, the liquid portion of blood.  We operate three plasma donor center platforms dedicated to collecting protein-rich plasma from donors throughout the U.S.  We are guided by the pride we feel for our donors and their dedication to the donation process and the passion we feel for the patients dependent on plasma-derived life-saving therapies.

Plasma: A Source of Life

Plasma is the liquid portion of human blood. The vast majority of plasma - 92 percent - is composed of water. The other eight percent of plasma is made up of essential proteins and antibodies that help sustain our body's vital functions.

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